Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Active individuals need a lot of medical care despite what people often think. Sadly, many wait until it becomes a medical emergency before they seek help. Usually, this stems from the assumption that they are healthy due to their active lifestyle, but we know better at Urgent Care. We offer round-the-clock sport medicine services around 78213. All a sports personality has to do is consider our walk-in urgent care services whenever they feel the need to.

How we Help Sports Personalities

Our competent medical experts understand that sportsmen and women have to be attended to with extra care because of their profession. We do not operate under any assumptions and promise to be thorough with our medical examinations and diagnoses. Most sportspeople tend to have underlying issues that are often overshadowed by their active lifestyle. We remain your trusted San Antonio urgent care service provider at any time because we will dig deeper to find hidden medical issues.

So what do we do for sports personalities, one may ask? First, we offer excellent pain management care for people in 78231, a beneficial service for any active individual. Besides that, those around 78216 can also benefit from our extensive chiropractic expertise. We have a team of seasoned chiropractic and physical therapy experts who ensure that all conditions are well managed to reduce the need for extensive surgery and support quick recovery in case of injuries. We believe this can be very beneficial to the sports fraternity since injuries and pain are inevitable.

How Fast Are We?

Sportsperson may want to confirm our speeds before engaging us since some cases may be urgent and dire. For example, when one is suffering from excruciating pain, they want to be sure that whatever facility they walk into in 78230 will help them. It is, therefore, vital that they see a doctor now if that is their desire. Well, this is precisely what you get if you come to us. We know what it feels like to be desperately in need of specialized services, and we offer a platform to allow those in need to access all the kinds of help with urgency.

Dial Our Numbers

Are you a sports personality anywhere in 78201? Feel free to save our numbers. You never know when you may need urgent help with pain management or injury consulting in case of a severe accident. We guarantee fast, convenient, and affordable care.


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What is an Urgent Care Center?
An urgent care provides the appropriate medical care without the wait for an appointment with your physician or the long wait times and high priced medical bills typical of most hospital emergency rooms.
What types of Insurance do you accept?
All commercial insurances, workers compensation insurances, Department of Labor, Medicare, and Car Insurances.
What types of payment do you accept?

Insurance payments, credit/debit card, and cash payments.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we accept walk-ins!

Do I need to visit Urgent Care the same as Emergency Room?

No, you can expect a shorter wait time without the high cost of the emergency room visit.

What age range of patients do you treat?

We see patients 5 years old and up. 

Can you help me find an attorney?

Yes, we can recommend several attorneys who we’ve worked with in the past that have proven, ethical backgrounds, and who yield positive results!

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