Women’s Health

Women’s health issues can be complex and confusing. A slight oversight, on what appear to be common symptoms, could easily lead to a wrong diagnosis. This results in not only slow diagnosis times, but also poor treatment. This could further escalate the condition or lead to other issues for an individual. Our team at Injury and Health Urgent Care provides comprehensive individualized care to walk you through the correct diagnosis, serving women in 78213. Our dedicated healthcare professionals know the complexities of the female anatomy and will utilize the correct diagnostic procedures to make your health a priority.

Early Diagnosis is Key

It is not accidental that we remain a top-ranked facility in San Antonio for urgent care services. We have spent years of dedicated service and practice to become the best in what we do. We assure residents in 78216 that our team of highly specialized and skilled medical professionals will address all their women’s health concerns. We encourage you to come to us before the situation escalates, as early diagnosis is key to your treatment and recovery.

Walk-In Urgent Care Services Available

If you are worried about booking an appointment in advance, you will undoubtedly love the fact that we have walk-in urgent care services. We assure you that our team of specialists will address all your fears and concerns. Whether you are dealing with gynecological issues, mental challenges, or general health problems, you can be sure that we will help you start your journey to recovery.

We Value Your Time

We have been working with women and families long enough to know that women in 78230 are no different from those in 78231, as far as wanting prompt services. There is always the feeling of urgency as families majorly depend on women. With this in mind, we strive to ensure that we offer fast, convenient, and affordable care for all women who come to us. We support them to become better and healthier women for their loved ones and themselves.

Get into Contact with Our Office

We encourage you to dial our number or talk to us through any of our available contact avenues. You can get the urgent assistance you need, as we are but a call away.


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What is an Urgent Care Center?
An urgent care provides the appropriate medical care without the wait for an appointment with your physician or the long wait times and high priced medical bills typical of most hospital emergency rooms.
What types of Insurance do you accept?
All commercial insurances, workers compensation insurances, Department of Labor, Medicare, and Car Insurances.
What types of payment do you accept?

Insurance payments, credit/debit card, and cash payments.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we accept walk-ins!

Do I need to visit Urgent Care the same as Emergency Room?

No, you can expect a shorter wait time without the high cost of the emergency room visit.

What age range of patients do you treat?

We see patients 5 years old and up. 

Can you help me find an attorney?

Yes, we can recommend several attorneys who we’ve worked with in the past that have proven, ethical backgrounds, and who yield positive results!

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