Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs services offered in Castle Hills, San Antonio, TX

Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs services offered in Castle Hills, San Antonio, TX

Diagnostic labs play a critical role in determining the cause of symptoms. At Injury and Health Urgent Care in San Antonio, Texas, Melissa Kempf, MD, and her team provide in-depth diagnostic labs to guide and inform your health services. Call today to schedule a visit, or book online in just a few clicks.

Diagnostic Labs Q&A

What role do diagnostic labs play in health care?

Lab testing assesses a sample of your blood, urine, or other biological matter to determine how well your organs and systems are functioning at a specific point in time. Lab work is an essential part of routine health care and helps practitioners both create treatment plans and track the results over time. 

In diagnostic applications, lab testing searches for signs of disease. Some tests are highly specific, such as drug screening, while others check for a wide range of health markers. 

Diagnostic labs can sometimes clearly identify the source of your symptoms. In other cases, the results let your practitioner know which additional diagnostic tools to employ. 

How do I know which diagnostic labs are right for me?

When you rely on Injury and Health Urgent Care for diagnostic lab testing, rest assured you’re in the best of hands. Your practitioner has the skills and experience needed to determine which labs offer the best fit for your needs and is happy to explain your options before moving forward. 

You may only need a stand-alone test to confirm a diagnosis, or you might benefit from a battery of tests to get to the bottom of your symptoms. At each stage of the process, your practitioner explains what to expect and why the testing is necessary. COVID-19 testing is one of the most popular diagnostic tools at the practice. 

What happens after the results of my diagnostic labs come in?

Once the results of your lab testing are in, your practitioner reviews them and sits down with you to discuss your next steps. When reviewing treatment options, you’ll explore all available options, including what to expect if you choose to forgo treatment. 

In some cases, you can begin treatment immediately before you even leave Injury and Health Urgent Care. In other instances, you might need to schedule a visit with a specialist before you can begin receiving treatment. Your practitioner can help you find the right specialist for your unique set of needs. 

When you’re facing troubling symptoms, especially pain, the diagnostic process can feel daunting. But at Injury and Health Urgent Care, you’ll receive caring, compassionate services that strive to get you started on a fast track toward relief.